12.3.2018 / NEW SOLO TOUR IN TAIWAN! Check EVENTS and my FB page for more info. LINK
04.2.2018 / New song of mine WATERSPIRITS inspired by slovenian river Savinja. LINK
11.01.2018 / Raindrops live from solo concert at Grounds in Rotterdam. LINK
15.12.2017 / A compilation of from one of our gigs at Dizzy in Rotterdam. LINK
23.11.2017 / A little vlog of the TRIO gig made by our bass playah Damien Roussos. LINK
14.11.2017 / Brand new video, where I play on some other instruments than guitar. LINK
01.10.2017 / Here is a little Coffee Session, for all you coffee and Michael Jackson lovers. LINK
20.07.2017 / Our cooperation with Taiwanese harpist Paige Su, where two Raindrops became one. LINK
14.07.2017 / Enjoy the summer solo session on Radio SI. LINK
27.05.2017 / Here is a brand new video of a solo piece inspired by the Dutch weather. LINK
25.05.2017 / Brand new interview: Essential guitar Questions for Mihael Hrustelj. LINK
01.04.2017 / A magical atmosphere captured in pics, by talented Freek Roerdink for frequenzy.nl
23.02.2017 / Our brand new and fresh studio session: LINK
26.02.2017 / Feeling so honoured and privileged to be able to work with the Frequenzy team. LINK
22.02.2017 / A new cooperation is at hand with the wonderful Salvador Cortez guitars. official Facebook post
28.11.2016 / Very excited to present to you New a bit more trips Video: Streets of Sarajevo
15.08.2016 / Mihael Hrustelj trio was selected to play in Netherlands POPronde festival.
12.07.2016 / We were featured in an article in local German newspaper. You can read it HERE
20.06.2016 / MH3’O EP is freshly out! Feel free to listen to it in the Music tab.